Parents are you...

...worried that your children don't do enough exercise?

...concerned about bullying, confidence and self discipline?


We can help.

We have safe, fun lessons to get your children active whilst working to develop positive skills and traits that they can use everyday. We can help your children develop social and teamworking skills as well as encourage self discipline and confidence.

What do children learn in Taekwon-Do?

Children follow a programme designed with all round development in mind.

This programme covers:

  • Age-appropriate self defence and safety awareness.
  • Fun workouts to keep motivation and enjoyment levels high.
  • Practice of simple calming breathing techniques and relaxations.

How do children progress?

The grading and belt system.

Children progress through the grading and belt system. This provides them with achievable, person goals that they can work towards step by step. The belts act as a great incentive for children to improve and also help keep motivation high.


Achieving success.

Children soon learn that the cost of success is simply their own time and effort used in each lesson. Children are encouraged to listen, take part and behaviour appropriately as well as getting plenty of exercise through fun workouts.


A Good Balance.

We think this creates a good balance where children are encouraged to improve themselves through their own efforts, whilst not becoming overly competitive. Often children who have not enjoyed other sports thrive in Taekwon-Do thanks to this approach.

What are the benefits of Taekwon-Do?

Regular exercise.

Current health guidelines recommend at least one hour of activity every day for children. Taekwon-do classes for children typically last an hour – long enough for them to have some fun and get some exercise. All this takes place in a safe, fun environment. Rather than playing computer games or watching TV, they are getting active!


Improvements in self esteem and social skills.

Numerous studies over the last 30 years show that martial arts training promotes positive psychological changes, namely in increases in self esteem and social skills. Notably many studies link this to Instructors and styles that include more traditional aspects such as relaxation/meditation and ethical and moral development. The same benefits are not found in very competitive or aggressive styles. [1]


Decrease in agressiveness and anxiety.

Children involved in studies of traditional Taekwon-Do show a decrease in aggressive behaviour and hostility, and the longer they train for, the greater the effects. [1]


Regular work on self improvement.

Instructors will weave more traditional aspects of Taekwon-Do into classes, working on the five  tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit.

These are excellent transferable skills which can help them in other areas of their life.


Good role models and peers.

New children joining our classes see the others who have been training over a longer period of time (higher grades/belts) as role models. Their peers and seniors in the classes are good examples of how martial arts training can result in better self discipline.


[1] - Binder.B (PhD) 1999, 2007, Psychosocial Benefits of the Martial Arts: Myth or Reality? A Literature review [online]. [Accessed 31/8 2009]

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