A Parent's Point of View

The confidence to do what is right.

"As a parent, I know one of the best things I can teach my daughter is the confidence to do what she knows is right, so as she grows up she will make her own decisions when faced with peer pressure or difficult situations."


Developing confidence.

"As a Black Belt Instructor I know that Taekwon-Do can help children develop both the physical confidence, which comes from regular exercise and self defence practice, and the discipline and self confidence that comes from a martial art. Choose a good club and a good Instructor and you will be glad your children started Taekwon-Do."


Mrs Dunne-Hanif

3rd Degree (Dan) National Instructor

Supporting the Community

Talk to the Instructors at your club.

All the Instructors are involved in teaching Taekwon-Do because they themselves have gained so much from it. Talk to the Instructors at your club – you’ll be amazed at the range of backgrounds and experience. They are all highly trained, and dedicated to doing something in their community to provide children and young people with something interesting, fun and healthy to do.


Providing a positive sense of self worth.

In a culture where media images drive our childrens' sense of self worth, we need to look for alternatives that provide our children with a healthier view of themselves, and those around them.

Further Information for Parents

What information is available?

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Come along to your local club and use your first lesson free voucher.

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