Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taekwon-Do suitable for children?

Taekwon-Do has a wide range of benefits for children, from providing a regular physical activity and self defence safety awareness, to increases in self esteem, and confidence.  These improvements have been shown in many studies over the last few decades. The classes are specifically designed with children in mind in terms of duration, structure and content.

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How does Taekwon-Do affect aggression levels?

Research shows that students trained in traditional Taekwon-Do show a decrease in aggressiveness and hostility.  Come along to any of our classes and judge for yourself!  We are sure that you will find the classes welcoming and friendly.  The Instructors set the tone for the classes, and the emphasis for children is about learning and having fun. Everyone is welcome, and children in the classes are encouraged to follow this inclusive approach.


What do children need to wear and bring?

Just simple loose fitting clothing so they can move easily, like T-shirt and jogging trousers.  They should also bring a drink (we encourage water!) as they will get quite a workout. You do not need a special uniform when you first start training.


How long do classes last?

Classes for children normally last one hour, but please check with your Instructor.


How often do children need to attend?

As with all activities, regular practice means that you get a good sense of progression, so ideally every week – once or twice per week.


How much do classes cost for children?

Classes typically cost between £3 and £4 per session. All clubs operate a pay as you go system. There is also an option to pay in advance to take advantage of discounted classes.

How do I find out more?

Whatever your question, just get in touch. You can:

Further Information for Parents

What information is available?

Click here to find out the Benefits of Taekwon-Do for Children.

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